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MMB Multimedia Box 2.0 Review: A Fully-Functional Yet Affordable CarPlay

by Mike
Published: Last Updated on 9 minutes read

We have wrote the MMB Multimedia box 1.0 version previously, you can check the article here: MMB CARPLAY REVIEW. Scroll down to check the differences between MMB Multimedia box 1.0 and MMB Multimedia box 2.0

Brand Overview

Joyeauto MMB company is based in Shenzhen, China and it was established in 2017. The brand is well-known for its research and development, sales, and services. 

Their main products include Wireless Carplay Interface, Android Auto Interface, Android AI box, Wireless, Carplay USB Dongle, and Rear View Camera. The brand is popularly known for its strict quality control over products and also its user-friendly customer service. 

Considering the fact that they have experienced staff, they are always eager to discuss your requirements and make sure that you are completely satisfied. Moreover, the brand also consists of CE, FCC, and RoHS certificates.

MMB Multimedia Box 2.0 Overview

MMB Multimedia Box 2.0 is the latest arrival that features the Android 11.0 operating system. The product was introduced in the market in 2021 and it comes with a car-friendly interface. 

It allows you to run any application that is compatible with Android 11.0 from the Google Play Store on the display of your CarPlay. This newly launched device has made the entire experience of accessing any streaming services – including YouTube, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and more – really smooth and wireless. 

The primary reason behind using this compact device is to make your CarPlay experience completely wireless and smooth as it doesn’t take too long to connect, even if you are out for a short drive. Considering the price, the device is available at a discounted price of $288.00 while its original value is $309.00.

Specifications Of MMB Multimedia Box 2.0 

If you are looking forward to getting smooth navigation to your destination or a quick ride that doesn’t take too long to connect with your smartphone and play music automatically, then this is the perfect pick for you.

The specifications of the device ensure that you get a hassle-free experience throughout your journey with your loved ones.

  • Operating system: Android 11.0 OS
  • Source of GPS Signal: Internal or Vehicle GPS
  • Wireless Connections: Bluetooth 4.0 Wi-FI 2.4GHz + 5.0GHz
  • Processor: Quad-core 1.8GHz ARM Cortex-A53
  • Working Temperature: -40°C ~ 70°C
  • Storage Capacity: 32GB eMMC ROM
  • GPU Renderer: Mali T720

Product Description

  • Easy to a plug-and-play device that can convert any original wired CarPlay to wireless.
  • You also get a Type-C cable in the box that can make the device wired, anytime.
  • Control the device with help of a voice.
  • Features USB port for playing media, Google Assistant, Screen Casting, Split Screen, YouTube, Offline Maps, and Online Google Maps.
  • Supports touchscreen.
  • HD resolution.
  • It provides original car sound quality.
  • The device comes with a compact and sleek design that matches the car’s interior.
  • Mostly compatible with cars launched after 2016.

Difference Between 1.0 And 2.0

If you are already owning the previous version or maybe you are confused if the latest version is worth trying out, then here’s the major difference between MMB Multimedia Box Version 1.0 and Version 2.0.

The latest version runs on the Android 11.0 operating system whereas the previous version used to work on Android 9.0. 

In fact, the GPS module has been upgraded to the latest version. Previously, users received an external GPS module but now, thanks to the upgrade, it comes with a built-in module, which makes the device not only convenient to install but also makes it work faster.

Moreover, the interface of MMB Multimedia Android OS Box 2.0 has been improved compared to the previous version. Additionally, there is an HDMI interface that makes the device more compatible with your car’s HDMI interface. 

You can simply get connected to several devices, at the same time, such as television, mouse, keyboard, projector, and any monitor. This feature ensures that the user’s on-road experience is hassle-free and more permissive.

Using Experience Of MMB Multimedia Box 2.0 

It’s been over a month since I’m using this product and so far, my experience has been absolutely fantastic. I have been traveling back to back for short and long drives. Considering the connectivity of this device, it barely takes a couple of seconds to connect as soon as I enter the car.

The device also comes with a split-screen feature, which helped me to look at Google Maps and watch videos on YouTube at the same time. If you are traveling with a partner or kids, then this feature will definitely keep them engaged for a long time and you can easily pay attention to your driving.

I have been using another CarPlay and it usually takes 30 seconds every time I go for a quick drive. However, MMB Multimedia Box 2.0 takes up to 7-15 seconds to connect with the car, which means you don’t need to wait if you need to go for a 10 minutes drive.

It is worth noting that if your car doesn’t have a touchscreen to control your display, then you need to get a wireless remote to select movies or series while watching Netflix or any other streaming app.

Let’s Check Out The Pros & Cons

* You can watch videos in HD quality
* It comes with one year warranty
* Users get a free lifetime upgrade online
* Connects quickly, great for a short drive
* Split-screen feature
* Compact design
* Worldwide shipping available
* 30-day money-back guarantee.
* It does restart twice sometimes, after entering the car
* Limited stock available
* Single color available: Black.


If you are looking forward to getting an upgrade, then MMB Multimedia Box 2.0 is the best option in the market at this moment. The device is fast to connect and also stays stable in a moving car. 

However, I would highly recommend you to check out the list of cars that are compatible with this device before ordering it. Although there is always an option to use this device with a USB cable.

The device is compatible with Audi (launched in 2016 and above), Land Rover (launched in 2019 and above), Mercedes Benz (launched in 2016 and above), Chevrolet (launched in 2018 and above), Ford (launched in 2017 and above), Toyota (launched in 2019 and above), Hyundai (launched in 2016 and above), and many more.

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