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12 Must-have Android Auto Apps in 2023

by Mike
Published: Last Updated on 10 minutes read
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If you are thinking about going on a long drive or maybe you simply want to learn about what are the Android-based applications that will be useful while driving, then this is the perfect guide for you.

In this guide, we are going to mention Android auto apps that you should definitely have before going on a journey. We have mentioned applications based on not only the importance but also based on how it is going to make your overall journey entertaining and easy. So, let’s get started!

#1 Google Maps

Hands down, Google Maps is one of the most popular apps used on Android smartphones as it makes your driving experience easier. Gone are the days when you have to stop your vehicle at every turn and ask locals how to reach the location. 

Google Maps has made life easier since it was first launched in 2008. With many years into the market, it has gradually evolved and became more accurate. One of the best parts about this app is that you don’t require any premium subscription to use all the features.

#2 The New York Times

Not everyone is fond of reading long articles, especially when they are driving. This app will help you to learn breaking news and other information about weather and local news too. When you are on the go, especially with family, you might want to stay alert. You might want to know from time to time, what’s happening in the new city or location that you will be arriving. 

Moreover, it can be a road accident that you would avoid by using this app. Learning about emergencies and weather conditions can also allow you to plan your way ahead and drive accordingly. This application covers news from across 160 countries and there are more than 1700 journalists, who keeps updating regularly.

#3 Spotify: Music and Podcasts

Driving and music go hand in hand. If you want to find music and your favorite podcasts in the same place, then Spotify is gonna be your next favorite app. However, it is not completely free as it will keep playing ads in between unless you buy their premium service.

Considering the music library, you will find that numerous playlists, genres, and artists are available. It is definitely a one-stop shop for people who love to get everything in one place. You can also use Google Assistant’s free service to make your experience even better as you can simply change, play or pause a music track on voice command.

#4 Telegram

While there are many applications to send messages, audio and video files, Telegram shines bright when it comes to reading messages – exactly where you left them. Telegram has a well-synced system between your computer and smartphone, which makes it easy for you to continue reading further on the way.

No matter if you are a group’s moderator or joined a Telegram group to receive video files, you won’t get lost between old and new messages, even if you are checking after hours. With this app also you can use Google Assistant to go hands-free and drive with ease.

#5 Audible: podcasts and audiobooks

This android app is for all the fans of podcasts and audiobooks. If you fancy listening to books rather than reading them or listening to long interesting podcasts, then you should definitely check out Audible applications.

The app is a product of Amazon that consists of a wide collection of audiobooks. It also provides you with podcasts of different genres including thriller, comedy, sci-fi, more. The app also features an easy pickup option, which means you can start playing the audio, where you left. Moreover, you can also replay the segment that you might have missed.

#6 Waze – Live Navigation, GPS, Traffic Alerts, Maps

Although Google Maps is a pretty good application, Waze is something that comes with new features. It is an application that has been created with crowdsourcing and anybody using this application can simply report an accident or even if there are any blockages due to bad weather conditions. 

With help of this real-time information, drivers can easily choose which routes they’d like to move further on. Waze can be a true companion that will help you to stay updated about the roads alongside traffic conditions.

#7 ABC News

Are you someone who loves to stay updated about what’s happening in the world? If so, this is a must-have app in your life, especially when you are driving. ABC News allows you to keep a track of the latest news updates while it also includes entertainment talk shows to keep you entertained. 

#8 Amazon Prime Music

Here’s another Amazon’s product on the list that you should check out. You will find almost all the music tracks on this platform and they also create interesting playlists. For instance, if you are not familiar with international hits, then they will pop up all the trending songs for you.

You also choose to listen to old songs or even regional music tracks. Moreover, it is also a great place to stream your favorite podcast without any interruption. However, it is a premium service but available for a cheap cost as you don’t have to buy it separately. If you are a member of Amazon Prime, you can use their Prime Music service for free.

#9 Pandora

Pandora is one of the oldest music streaming services, which is based on subscription. It was available in the market even before Android Auto was introduced by Google in 2015. The app consists of various music stations while it also allows you to create your own playlist. 

The app comes with a package of $9.99 per month that will allow you to get music-on-demand service. If you are a fan of internet radio, then you should definitely check this one out. 

#10 YouTube Music

YouTube is one of the largest platforms for music, considering all music videos are uploaded on their platform. However, if you want to listen to only music without playing the video, then YouTube Music is something you should opt for. 

It comes with a free version that allows you to play limited music but once you subscribe to their premium version, you will find a huge catalog that consists of not only music but also podcasts and more. Aside from listening to music, you can also upload your own music track on this platform. Once they are available in your library section, then you are free to stream those tracks anywhere you go, considering you have an internet connection. 

If you want to play those tracks offline, then you need to download them after uploading them in the library. This also works as a great storage place as you don’t have to keep all tracks in your smartphone’s local memory.

#11 textPlus

Want to chat without using your phone number? If so, then this is the perfect app for you. textPlus allows you to chat with over 150 million users across the world. Yes, you don’t require any phone number to sign up. This app is specially made for people who love to make new friends but also want to keep their privacy intact. 

#12 Messenger

Usually when you are on the way, you are most concerned about your friends and family. Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms that allows you to stay connected with your loved ones. If you install Facebook messenger it will allow you to keep track of them.

You can easily check if they are trying to reach your number but maybe it is showing out of reach or there is no network available. You can simply grab a nearby Wi-Fi and read all the messages they have sent via Facebook Messenger. Moreover, this app is absolutely free to use unless you want to buy some premium stickers for fun.


In conclusion there are many free and paid Android applications available in the market. Inside the new applications getting launched on Google Play Store on an almost daily basis. However we have chosen only those that are not only helpful but they will also entertain you throughout your journey. 

If you have a CarPlay installed in your vehicle, then these Android apps are going to work out for you even better. If you are using CarPlay, you can use Google Assistant while driving and go completely hands-free as you play music, change tracks or look at the maps on a bigger screen. 

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