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Best Offline Navigation App For Android Auto

by Mike
Published: Last Updated on 14 minutes read
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There are various navigation systems apps available to make your journey easier. There are so many navigation apps for Android Auto, including ones that offer offline navigation in addition to only Google Maps. You may use these map apps to navigate while keeping your eyes on the road by connecting your phone to Android Auto in your vehicle.

There is no denying that Google has dominated navigation over the past few years with Google Maps, but that doesn’t mean other navigational apps don’t exist. You can use a tonne of Google Maps substitutes on an Android handset right now.

If you travel regularly, you may be aware that many superb navigation apps require an online connection to show the routes. However, what if you require to see the location offline while traveling?

Do you have a Navigation app on your phone for that? Offline map apps can be useful in this situation. Map apps must have offline navigation since it enables you to explore cities even when data roaming is disabled.

How We Selected the Top Navigation Apps

The absolute best navigation applications give users all the resources they require to plan quick routes, avoid congestion, exchange their locations, and more. 

We searched for apps that provide offline use, real-time traffic updates, walking directions, information on public transportation, and downloaded maps to compile our list of the top Android navigation apps.

We suggest that you test the multiple apps for offline maps. Do the comparison by reading the reviews, interacting with the community, and understanding the features. Select the right option that suits your needs the best.

Top offline map apps for Android

Here, you will find our selected list of the top offline map apps for Android.

#1 Genius Maps

Genius Maps is excellent since you can search and navigate without an internet connection. Although the app is a premium one user can try it out for free for seven days while having access to Professional expert tips and also get real-time traffic information.

Live traffic is one of Genius Maps’ finest features. The Live traffic features display rerouted tracks, traffic jams, and road construction.

Additionally, it provides limitless map updates, Waypoints along routes, and minimum speed notifications.


  • You can plan your route offline
  • Get Live updates on traffic
  • There is no additional cost while you are roaming the network


  • The plans that are premium are somewhat expensive.


A beautifully made offline navigation app for cars is called CAR NAVITIME. The app’s navigation offers real-time traffic consideration, and maps and location information are updated frequently with the most recent information.

This app is highly rated and provides accurate and reliable navigation. It also shows clear images of cross paths. The availability of parking is also shown in real-time.


  • Traffic updates in real-time
  • Map gets updated very often


  • For new customers exclusively, monthly subscriptions include a one-month trial period.

#3 Sygic Maps

This is one of the best and most highly rated navigation apps available on your android phone. Sygic Maps is fantastic because it provides voice-guided GPS navigation and personal GPS navigation when you are out for a walk.

Sygic is a dependable and entirely offline Navigation system. Without an internet connection, you can use Sygic navigation and browse 3D maps that have been saved to your phone offline. It offers free map updates several times every year.

The Android auto directions can be controlled by voice. It provides you with street names and accurate instructions. Sygic also offers information on various tourist destinations and walking routes. 

There is a feature called Dynamic Lane Assistant on the offline map. This feature will direct you into the proper lane.


  • Efficient lane navigation
  • Exact address information
  • Offline Navigating


  • Some of them are premium features

#4 PlugShare

The most precise and complete map of electric vehicle charging stations for North America, Europe, and numerous other nations is available on PlugShare. It is, in our opinion, the most trustworthy method for locating EV and Tesla recharge points. 

The PlugShare map can be customized by plug type. Level 1, DC Fast Chargers like the Tesla Fast chargers, and SAE/CCS are examples of plug types.

Users can post comments and images of charging stations to assist drivers in making the best charging decisions. Additionally, if you allow it, you will receive notifications when new charging stations are installed nearby. In addition, you can pay for charging within the app.


  • Reviews of chargers for electric vehicles that are accurate and comprehensive.
  • Information on new charging points
  • You are notified of every new station that comes up.


  • The user interface might confuse you a bit. 



You can see nearby electric vehicle charging facilities using NEXTCHARGE. The Android car navigation software displays more than 150,000 recharge stations. The app’s interface design is easy, making it simpler to read and find charging outlets.

Additionally, you can activate the map feature to identify stations nearby.

The list mode of the Android auto offline map app will display a description and the current state of the charging stations. Basic characteristics like time, distance, and plug kinds are also included in the details.

You can get a useful service like the station’s real-time status from the Android auto offline navigation app


  • Very simple to use
  • You will find 150k + charging points


  • Very few details about the location

#6 MapFactor

For your car’s head unit, MapFactor is a free direction-finding app with offline maps. The Android auto navigation app offers free map updates regularly. 

Without an internet connection, you can travel across more than 200 countries. Additionally, MapFactor offers a variety of information in multiple languages, like speed restrictions and camera alerts.

From one destination to another destination, route planning is available on the app. You get a realistic image of the visual maps displayed in the app. This is made possible because it also has a 3D mode. 

Both your phone and the screen in your vehicle will have a dark mode. Although there are no choices for automatic rerouting, MapFactor still provides information on alternate routes.


  • The maps are updated regularly
  • Customization is high


  • You may not always get the correct route.

#7 Google Maps

You may navigate more quickly and easily by connecting Google Maps to your car’s system. Over 220 nations and regions are mapped in the Android auto navigation app. Additionally, you receive real-time traffic updates and GPS directions.

Additionally, you may research nearby hotels and discover the area right from your dashboard.

You can navigate any area without an internet connection with Google Maps’ offline navigation. Additionally, Google Maps offers automatic rerouting that is based on current traffic. Using the real-time arrival time, you may monitor current traffic situations. 

You can compile a list of your preferred locations and distribute it to your friends.


  • The view is completely map based
  • This app works fast and will give you accurate directions even while offline


  • Not much scope for customization

#8 Waze

With Android Auto, Waze is now accessible on your vehicle’s dashboard. The Waze app will notify you of traffic, roadwork, police activity, and accidents. Additionally, you will receive a quick and immediate routing modification, allowing you to skip the line and save time.

You may access Spotify and Apple Music as well as your other favorite music and podcast apps through Waze. Additionally, real-time traffic data provides you with an arrival estimate time. 

You may also identify the most affordable gas stations in your area using our Android auto offline Navigation app.


  • The base of online community users
  • immediate traffic updates
  • Verbal instruction


  • Restricted Accessibility

#9 HERE WeGo

Although the app provides offline GPS navigation, its primary usage is for finding a taxi or other form of transportation.

In addition, the app examines routes taken by taxi, public transportation, bikes, cars, and pedestrians to determine which option is the quickest and least expensive.


  • Easy to find cabs
  • Search for the fastest route available


  • Primarily used for travel methods like cab or another vehicle


You should give MAPS.ME a shot if you’re looking for a free GPS app for your Android phone that supports offline use. You may use search tools, voice navigation, route planning, and public transit in MAPS.ME’s offline mode.


  • Fast and completely offline Map
  • Detailed instructions


  • Some updates may impact your user experience


Your travel will always be easier with a navigation app. Driving becomes much more effortless once you have such navigation apps on Android Auto. You saw that some of them provided navigation to the places you wanted to go. 

However, some of the others on the list will direct you to the electric vehicle charging stations. Do try them out on your upcoming trip.

To help users navigate without an internet connection, several of the navigation apps mentioned here provide offline maps. Download offline maps before long road trips to avoid getting lost if you happen to travel through an area without coverage.

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