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Best Apple Carplay Radio With Backup Camera

by Jonathan
Published: Last Updated on 14 minutes read

Today’s new cars typically come equipped with backup cameras. Starting with the 2019 model year, backup cameras will be required as a standard feature for ALL new cars.

However, there are undoubtedly many older cars on the road that lack any kind of backup assistance camera.

These cars’ owners will have to add an aftermarket feature. There are several high-quality replacement backup cameras available, but many of them need a separate dashboard display, which increases the amount of complexity in your vehicle.

Investing in a car stereo with a display that can display backup camera footage is a good way to reduce clutter.

Everything will be integrated into your radio in this manner, giving it the appearance and feel of a stock system straight from the manufacturer.

We will offer suggestions in this guide to assist our readers in locating the top vehicle stereo with a backup camera.

Considerations For Buying A Car Stereo With A Backup Camera

Purchase one with built-in navigation if you can: Although not everyone requires one, deciding whether to buy one could take a lot of time throughout this transaction.

If you decide not to use it, you can still use the navigational apps on your phone, such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze.

That provides you with incredible traffic information, but it drains your phone’s battery, clogs the screen, and could cause problems if you lose cell service.

A built-in navigation system would add hundreds of dollars to the stereo’s price but would not require a signal because it would already have all the mapping and point-of-interest data.

compatibility with satellite radios: Anyone who owns a satellite radio should prioritize this (or needs to purchase)

CD/DVD player: Owning a CD player isn’t necessary when there are so many methods to listen to music on your phone.

Numerous inexpensive stereos with the moniker “advanced media players” lack a disc player.

All of the stereos we tested had a video input, thus this had no bearing on our decision.

You can attach a backup camera to the input and view the video image on the monitor.

Some expensive stereos come with an additional second or third input, allowing you to connect a second camera to the front or back of a trailer or to provide a larger screen for a dashcam.

Few stereos can receive HD Radio, which is a digitized signal that is transmitted from conventional local radio stations.

HD Radio can provide better sound quality, but we have mixed results with HD Radio reception, and the stereo will fall back to regular radio reception if you are outside the signal’s range.

After this section, go on to learn more about our selection procedure and what to consider when selecting a new car radio with a backup camera.

1. JVC KW-V130BT

The legendary brand in the field of vehicle audio, JVC, has a new device called the KW-V130BT.

The backup camera for this arrangement is installed above your license plate.

A 6.2′′ display on the stereo itself supports DVD, CD, AM, FM, and many other formats.

Additionally, the camera unit is excellent, with a 120-degree viewing angle and brilliant LED lights to improve nighttime visibility.

Overall, this car stereo with the backup camera may be the best we’ve seen.

includes a separate backup camera with a 6.2-inch LCD and car stereo.

👍High customer ratings
👍It can play DVD CD CD-R and more
👎Sometimes when music is being played, the bass and mid-bass may jump.

2. Soundstream VIR-7830B

The JVC above almost edged out the Soundstream VIR-7830B for our choice of the finest vehicle stereo with a backup camera.

It’s a terrific product with a clever fold-out screen and comes with everything you need to get started.

Although it is inexpensive, the setup is not lacking in functionality.

There isn’t much this setup can’t accomplish with support for CD, DVD, MP3, Auxiliary, and more.

Additionally, there is no need to go elsewhere to get an expensive camera because it already has a cheap backup camera that can be mounted on the back of your car.

includes a backup camera and car stereo (installs above the license plate)

👍Properties of stereo 7′′ fold-out display with CD, DVD, MP3, MP4, and more compatibility
👍Bluetooth is included for hands-free calling.
👍High ratings
👎Once installed, the low-profile design appears standard.

3. Pioneer AVH-X4700BS

Nice high-end car audio and DVD player with a backup camera is the Pioneer AVH-X4700BS.

Although it has a 170-degree wide-angle lens, the camera lacks powerful lighting to aid with nighttime Illumination.

The stereo is excellent on its own, but the camera is mediocre. includes a backup camera and car stereo

👍The stereo has a 7-inch display
👍It is compatible with WMA, MP4, MP3, DVD, SVCD, and DVDs. The camera has night vision, but no brilliant LED lights.

👎The stereo does not come with two auxiliary inputs.

4. Kenwood DDX9707S

Another well-known stereo manufacturer is Kenwood.

They have been in business for many years and have mastered the art of producing high-quality automotive audio components.

 One of the best double DIN car stereos with a rear camera that Kenwood ought to give is the DDX9704S.

This multimedia marvel was designed with quality as its priority.

It has about every function you could imagine, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The 6.95′′ capacitive touchscreen display with 800480 screen resolution, 9 pre-set foundation colors, 6 unique background/splash screen options, and programmable dimming are some of the attractions of this Kenwood radio.

You can access your preferred Pandora and Spotify Internet Radio stations from your smartphone by using the controls on the DDX9704S.

By adding a fee-based tuner, you can listen to the incomparably profound programming that satellite radio offers.

👍It has a lot of devices and applications.
👍You play a lot of fantastic music: CD/DVD, Internet Radio, FM/AM Radio, USB, and Music Apps
👎The screen display is difficult to view in direct sunlight.


For many music lovers, JVC is the brand of choice. They are well-represented in several areas, including automotive entertainment, home theater systems, amplifiers, and camcorders. One of the top touchscreen radios with backup cameras is included in this head unit’s 6.2′′ WVGA touchscreen, which is intuitive and easy to use.

It includes four buttons and an easy-to-access front-panel USB input on the side. Additionally equipped with Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calls and remote music streaming, the JVC KW-V25BT.

Additionally, this head unit features front USB input, memory card input, and assistant input, giving you a tonne of possibilities to use in your car music. If you enjoy the radio, you’ll appreciate the options the KW-V25BT has to offer.

👍Input for memory cards
👍Bright, vibrant visuals are produced by the transparent, highly bright resistive touch panel.
👍Five phones can be connected at once for music and two phones can be used for calls.
👍Its installation is easy..
👎Sometimes the receiver restarts on its own.
👎The Bluetooth occasionally delays.

6.Kenwood DDX26BT

If you want to upgrade to a double din receiver but are on a tight budget, Kenwood DDX26BT can be a great choice.

We’re discussing one of the most affordable double-din stereos with a backup camera.

The product’s head unit is designed to offer the user a variety of options, including Bluetooth, internet radio, cellular phone connection, and low frequency-shaping features, which are shown on a cleanly trimmed 6.2″ touchscreen.

A dual phone connection is possible with the main unit.

This type will allow you to simultaneously combine two phones, so you can quickly switch between two devices if you’re not the only driver.

When you want to increase a backup camera’s functionality, the receiver will show parking instructions for easy parking.

The Kenwood DDX26BT gadget is suitable for satellite radio and also compatible with Pandora, Spotify, and iHeartRadio.

👍Appropriate for satellite radio
👍Very good price
👍Dual phone jacks are present on the main unit.
👍It has two camera inputs: a backup camera and a dash cam.
👎The steering controls module and mounting bracket must be purchased separately.

How We Selected the Best Car Stereos with Backup Cameras

Before making a decision, there are several factors to consider when selecting a new car radio with a rear camera. In the end, two distinct products cooperate. The stereo may be excellent, but the camera may fall short, as you can see in some of the choices above.


The greatest car stereos incorporate a variety of audio and digital capabilities that make it simple to listen to music and find your location.

Because they include a variety of features and the finest user reviews to provide the best listening experience, the best car stereos with Bluetooth that have been evaluated above are worthwhile purchases for you.

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