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Best Apple Carplay Radio in 2023

by Mike
Published: Last Updated on 12 minutes read

Your trustworthy copilot is Apple’s CarPlay, which enables you to use your iPhone while driving. However, not all automobiles have a standard function. Although Apple CarPlay is supported by more than 500 automobile models, certain older models require third-party car audio.

Explore this list of the top Apple CarPlay stereos if your vehicle lacks CarPlay. While not driving, you can complete several chores on your iPhone using CarPlay. You may quickly connect your iPhone to CarPlay when you get in the car and use features like iMessage, Maps, Music apps, Phone apps, and others. Your voice, touch, or twist can be used to control an iPhone.

Due to a combination of creative design and premium materials, Alpine has been producing high-quality radios for many years. The Alpine Apple CarPlay Radio is user-friendly, has a low-profile design, and includes a wiring kit. 

You can use your voice to open apps when using hands-free control. Additionally, this is compatible with Best Buy, has Bluetooth connectivity, and has a fantastic design.

The radio works pretty well, sounds great, and has a radio tuner. It is also quite loud, really attractive, and offers hands-free operation. Last but not least, the Alpine Apple carplay radio is quite user-friendly and well worth the cost.

The majority of customers quickly learned that although the radio offers steering wheel controls, you need a separate module to keep those capabilities. They also discovered that the radio fit without the need for any modifications. 

Additionally, they unanimously concur that this is an incredible system given the cost. Without a doubt, this radio passed the test, and very happy customers were eager to tell others about their experience.

With an iPhone X, this has been tested to function.
The solution to this is a firmware upgrade.
During the switch, audio will be lost for a little period.

2 Atoto Apple Carplay Radio

The Atoto Apple Carplay Radio is adequate, suitable, and works well for your everyday needs. The built-in Apple CarPlay radio from Atoto performs admirably. 

Nearly all of the essential functions you might anticipate from typical car audio are present in the Atoto f7. Additionally, it has a fantastic radio design and operates flawlessly.

The radio offers outstanding pricing, wireless support, and a fantastic design. A dash kit was required for the radio, and it fits flawlessly. Last but not least, the atoto Apple carplay radio has excellent sound quality, supports screen resolution, and is cost-effective.

This car audio provides excellent support for Apple CarPlay.
This has RCA inputs and outputs for subwoofers and speakers.
This works with standard steering wheel controls.
The difference in signal clarity is really obvious in this.
The audio does not mute or dim the music when offering navigational

3 Sjoybring Apple Carplay Radio

This Sjoybring Apple carplay radio is unquestionably a smart purchase if all you want is reliable radio. The Sjoybring Apple Carplay Radio features a lovely design, is made for simple installation, and responds quickly. 

You can obtain a clear calling thanks to the dual mic design, built-in clear mic, and external mic jack. This touchscreen car radio contains a waterproof night-vision rearview camera that uses the BMW interface, is simple to wire, and offers a steady signal. It also supports rear and front view cameras.

The radio has a nice radio design, and a part number, and is made for easy installation. The sjoybring Apple carplay radio is particularly useful because it has a full touch screen and is precise.

For mirror-link, this works with nearly all Android and iOS phones.
A 60-watt speaker is present.
CDS and DVDs are not supported for playback with this.

4 Podofo Radio

Naturally, it would be negligent of us to neglect to mention Podofo Apple Carplay Radio for daily use. The Apple CarPlay Radio from Podofo features Bluetooth, is very affordable, and has a fantastic design. 

No, if your car requires a canbus, steering wheel controls won’t function. The automobile audio uses a 12-volt direct current power supply. This gadget cannot be powered by a greater or lower voltage.

The podofo Apple carplay radio is well regarded, excellent for good performance, and functions properly.

While parking and backing up, the car radio will automatically switch to a reverse view.
This sound is excellent and useful.
The interface might work slow at times.

5 Hodozzy Carplay Stereo

The hodozzy Apple carplay radio should have no trouble fulfilling its obligations. The Hodozzy Apple Carplay Radio has a red wire and a power cord, and it is reasonably priced. 

Support for steering wheel control functionality makes it more convenient to easily switch between functions with your car’s steering wheel. It also works well but is challenging to install.

The radio performs admirably and according to expectations. The Hodozzy Apple carplay radio is the greatest price available, is black, and offers excellent value, and that is what matters most.

This double-din car audio has a universal installation dimension and supports CarPlay.
With a USB cord put in, Apple Carplay is compatible with this.
It functions flawlessly and is built for high-quality audio.
The screen may be overheated at times

6 Pioneer DMH-1500NEX

It will not cost you a fortune to install Apple CarPlay in your car. The Pioneer DMH-1500NEX car stereo head unit is the only option if money is tight. 

Before entering the city limits, use the 7-inch touchscreen to manage the music collection on your Apple iPhone. 

This Alpine stereo receiver has two camera input options, six-channel preamp outputs, and compatibility with the majority of digital audio formats, so it is not short in expansion capabilities either.

Simple to Install.
The screen size is 7 inch It has a resistive touch screen type
Firmware updates may be a little complicated.
Randomly goes on and off


This JVC CarPlay stereo may be connected with a USB wire. WebLink compatibility, a fresh feature that allows for in-dash app control, is simple to utilize.

You will  need an iPhone, WebLink-compatible software, and a JVC multimedia receiver to operate this stereo. It is the quickest and simplest way to use your iPhone while driving.

Built-in Bluetooth, 6.8″
Clear Resistive Touchscreen Display .
No warranty
It may take time to adjust to the interface .

8 Fidomat Carplay Radio

In terms of overall functionality for a radio in its price range, the Fidomat Apple Carplay Radio can compete with a number of the others on this list. 

A backup camera, night vision capability, high-definition, waterproof, and a 170-wire harness adapter are all included with the Fidomat Apple CarPlay radio, depending on the type of your vehicle. 

The majority of Apple and Android phones may be mirror linked to the touchscreen radio as well.

The fidomat Apple CarPlay Radio, which is incredibly sensitive, is ideal for car radios with backup cameras.

This works flawlessly, fits well and comes highly recommended.
Enable mirroring the most recent versions of Apple or Android
Instructions to install the radio may not be easy to understand.


It can be difficult to choose the finest Apple CarPlay head unit for your car because there are so many possibilities. If you stream music from your phone or an app while driving but your vehicle lacks Bluetooth connectivity, you urgently need an upgrade.

Nobody wants to struggle to acquire the music they want to play through their car’s sound system by having to deal with wires, FM transmitters, or even a cassette deck. 

Upgrade the stereo head unit in your car to support smartphone connection if you want your music experience on the road to be flawless.

You can maintain concentration while operating your car by using a CarPlay stereo. Siri, Touch, and knobs and dials are the three methods you can use to operate your iPhone.

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