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Best Double Din Apple Carplay in 2023

by Jonathan
Published: Last Updated on 14 minutes read


The need for vehicle entertainment systems has increased since the invention of cars and the current developments seen in contemporary vehicles in the past 20 years. As a result, numerous firms have produced products that have become better over time.

Your audio experience is centered on your car stereo. Simply said, the term “double DIN” describes the size of your head unit, which is two times as large as a single DIN. 

The stereo head unit is typically integrated into the infotainment system nowadays other than following only the DIN stereo specification in recent vehicles. However, you can get access to the installation kits for a few models if your car has a radio head unit that can be simply removed.

Because the DIN units are broad and tall the makers of DIN try to put in a few more features like Bluetooth or a navigating tool. DIN head units are generally broad by 7 inches and tall by 4 inches. We provide you with a range of options in this list, which includes a touch screen that is absolute hi-tech, and vintage dial-and-button systems that can still play all of your favorite songs and podcasts from your phone.

TOP 8 Apple Carplay with Double Din

#1 Sony XAVAX8100

Even though Sony products are more expensive than some others on this list, you get what you pay for. The visibility is made simple on this nine-inch touchscreen device 

A three-way adjustable mount that enables easy installation and display secures the screen to the inset unit. This device also supports the display backup camera, Satellite Radio, and HD videos. Users claim that the display is very dim and might be challenging to view on sunny days.


👍Large letters and a screen for better visibility
👍Flexible configuration for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
👎The screen may get dim
👎Little expensive

#2 Pioneer MVH1400NEX

The 6.2-inch touchscreen on the Pioneer has a resolution of 800 x 400. Any file from your MP3 player or smartphone may be played using Bluetooth or an auxiliary cable, as well as DVDs and CDs. 

Although some Android phones can support speech recognition, this head unit works best with Apple iOS devices because many Android customers have reported that connecting to it is difficult and that Google Apps frequently don’t function as intended.

👍Built-in apps including CarPlay, Spotify, and Pandora
👍The touch screen of 6.2 inch
👎The unit’s frequent shutdowns.

#3 AboutBit 7-inch

This device is incredibly affordable while offering the benefits of name-brand touchscreen stereos. Users have options like doing hands-free calls, playing music, or charging the phone through the USB connector.

Passengers sitting behind can use the remote control for operating the radio. The device touts support for iPhones made before the iPhone XR and Android 9.0. We don’t advise buying this stereo if your smartphone is more recent than these because it could not work well with your phone.

Even though there is a back camera, there are customers who claim the wire is too short for their cars. If you intend to connect the supplied camera to the device, we advise buying a separate cable. 

To use the product to its full potential it is advisable to buy a new microphone. Your microphone may get damaged.


👍Cost Effective
👍It has a rear-view camera
👍It also comes along with a USB port and charger
👎No CD/DVD player is provided.
👎Installation is not easy

#4 BOSS Audio Systems BVNV9384RC

Road maps for the United States and Puerto Rico are already downloaded into this GPS-enabled radio from BOSS. The other features of contemporary stereos like Bluetooth, a DVD/CD player, and auxiliary and USB connections are also included. 

In contrast to other features like Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth connectivity offers hands-free calling, Spotify, and Pandora listening. To give power to the speaker it is advised to use the amplifier. 

Even though this gadget also has a touchscreen, consumers have issues with its buttons, most notably the placement of the “contact” button.

👍Back camera integrated Simple to install
👎The calling app has issues. .

#5 Kenwood DPX504BT

With this Kenwood, skip the touchscreen but don’t skimp on functionality. With Alexa, customers can quickly access Spotify and Pandora for online music libraries and operate the audio system with their voice. 

You can choose between English and Spanish and 24 different colors to personalize the three-line display without being distracted by a flashy touchscreen. You won’t be able to use your stereo to access a GPS, Apple CarPlay, or Android Auto because it lacks an LCD screen. 

Customers have also expressed dissatisfaction with the system’s usability due to the difficulty of using the apps and the poorly organized menus and controls. This device can be useful for folks who prefer voice control to touchscreen operation.

👍The ease of a text-only display
👍It also has a disc player
👎Menus and controls on the system are unclear.


The 2500 NEX is the next version of the 2400 NEX, and it has more sophisticated features and more flexibility for customization, from the home screen to the settings. 

It also features a Mosfet Power Amplifier feature that provides a surreal sound playback and makes the customer’s journey happy and delightful.

👍Has a facility for LCD backlighting to create a bright glow.
👍The parking assistance lines can be changed to suit the needs of the driver.
👍Very highly suggested
👎The display’s refresh rate is low.

#7 SJOYBRINGCAR Stereo compatible with Apple Carplay

This car audio is fully Apple CarPlay compatible, and the center unit has a high-quality capacitive screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600 that is more vibrant, clear, and colorful. 

Additionally, it allows for the playback of 1080P HD video, which sets it apart significantly from other double Din head unit competitors.

By properly connecting the key1 and key2 connections, you can control this device using the buttons on the steering wheel of your car. Change the volume and search for music and radio stations with ease.

With music streaming services like Spotify and Pandora, you can stream audio wirelessly over Bluetooth so that you can listen to and control tracks, adjust the volume up and down, and play and pause on your system, support for Bluetooth music ID3 tag display, allowing you to browse albums, artists, etc.

👍HD video in 1080P is supported.
👍Both iPhone and Android compatible
👎Needs Expert Installation


This multimedia system offers users a cutting-edge, potent, extremely responsive, and customized user interface. The NEX model was created with today’s increasingly smartphone-centric lifestyle in mind.

The 1400 NEX has Apple CarPlay, a cutting-edge function that allows users to connect their iPhones to the system.

With just a touch of a finger, it allows the user to easily make calls, use Maps, listen to their favorite music, and access their messages.

The 1400 NEX is a top-of-the-line Double-DIN infotainment system that can be tailored to a customer’s specifications and is unique. It is quite popular in the market because it supports Bluetooth and Apple CarPlay.

By utilizing support features like Audio Jack and USB compatibility, users may fully utilize the capabilities of their smart devices while reducing their workload while driving.

With just a touch of a finger, it allows the user to easily make calls, use Maps, listen to their favorite music, and access their messages.

👍The interface is superior to other Stock stereos that the manufacturer provides.
👍Apple Smart Car Play is compatible .
👎Can be costly for some people.


Given the popularity of services like Apple Automobile Play in the twenty-first century, a double DIN car infotainment system is a requirement. These services give the driver information and enjoyment while allowing them to focus on the road.

The user experiences the Apple Ecosystem as they are using Apple CarPlay. It gives the user the freedom and openness they experience when using their mobile devices to interact with the in-car entertainment system.

iPhone users may easily use calling, texting, and notification management apps thanks to Car Play. Additionally, Apple Maps navigation is available through Car Play. Finally, all Double DIN automobile entertainment systems can benefit greatly from the inclusion of Apple CarPlay.

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