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How To Set Up Apple Carplay&How To Install Apple Carplay

by Mike
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How To Set Up Apple Carplay

How To Set Up Apple Carplay

Apple CarPlay can make your driving experience better and your journey smooth. Hence, many car manufacturers – Audi, Porsche, BMW, Maserati, Lexus, Jaguar, and Bentley – set up Apple CarPlay by default in their vehicles. Its popularity has increased since it was first introduced in March 2014.

However, if you are a car owner who doesn’t have it installed because you have an old model, then also you need not to worry. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can install Apple CarPlay in your vehicle if it was not installed already.

How To Install Apple Carplay

If you are using an older version of the vehicle and want to install Apple CarPlay, then it is a simple process if you have an iPhone and the vehicle supports CarPlay. All you need to do is simply turn on your vehicle and make sure that the Siri application has been turned on too. Connect your vehicle with your iPhone and Siri will do the rest.

You will notice that there is a voice command button integrated on the steering wheel of your vehicle. However, if it is not available then you can simply tap and hold the application button on your screen. Furthermore, many new vehicles support wireless CarPlay while older vehicles will require a USB to get connected.

Connecting your iPhone to the device is as simple as plugging your smartphone for charging. However, some people do notice that the USB cable comes in the way while you’re trying to drive. Thankfully, there is an aftermarket solution as manufacturers have created a wireless CarPlay solution for older cars as well. 

There are three ways to get Apple CarPlay installed in the old models of vehicles.

#1 Install a new head unit

One of the best ways to make your old car compatible with Apple CarPlay is to simply replace the head unit. The new head unit will not only allow you to install Apple CarPlay but it will also allow you to add more features including multimedia systems and reversing cameras.

#2 OEM Retrofit Kits

Since Apple CarPlay’s popularity has been increasing, manufacturers have developed OEM retrofits to ensure that you get a better driving experience by getting Apple CarPlay installed. No matter what model your vehicle is, this OEM Retrofit Kits makes your overall experience much better.

#3 Bluetooth Connectivity

While there are many companies that provide you with OEM Retrofit and head unit replacement options, sometimes the model is so old that it doesn’t have enough space for the same. In this case, you can simply rely on Bluetooth connectivity as it will allow you to pick up calls, play music, and also get navigation commands through your speakers.

This way, you don’t have to buy a completely new car just for the sake of Apple CarPlay and you can enjoy the same experience with a couple of modifications.

Benefits of Apple CarPlay

You must be hearing about how Apple CarPlay is going to enhance the driving experience. Hence, let’s check out some of the benefits of Apple CarPlay mentioned below.

#1 Map Navigation

One of the best parts about Apple CarPlay is that you get a detailed map in front of you. You can turn left or right, based on audio directions, if you don’t wish to look at the screen. The flawless directions will save a lot of time and helps to keep you focused on the road while driving.

#2 Easy Communication

With the help of Siri, you can easily communicate on calls and text. Aside from receiving calls – like we do on Bluetooth – you can also ask Siri to call back or make a new call to a particular contact. You can also ask Siri to read the text loud and also reply back by dictating the text.

#3 Listen To Music and Podcasts

Listening to your favorite music or podcast, this is one of the most popular features for Apple CarPlay users. No matter if you are on a long drive or a short one, your experience will be great as it takes no time to connect your iPhone to the CarPlay. You can also ask Siri to change the song or playlist using voice command.


In conclusion, CarPlay is one of the safest and smartest devices to use your iPhone while you are driving on the road. It allows you to use all the features with ease without any interruption. 

It is highly recommended to upgrade your vehicle with a useful device like CarPlay. While the newer vehicle models come with a built-in version, you can easily use the above mentioned methods to install Apple CarPlay in your vehicle.

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