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How To Watch A Video On CarPlay

by Mike
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How To Watch A Video On CarPlay

We wonder at times if CarPlay can play video! We may also think about the fact of having an entertainment and information system in our car if we cannot make the most of the available features that are available on the go.

Nowadays there is an upward trend of CarPlay companionable apps that strikes your mind and we start to think if there is something called YouTube or Netflix CarPlay? Is it possible to use these streaming apps?

So yes, we can play videos and movies on CarPlay but it is advisable not to stream while you are behind the steering wheels. 

There is a possibility of getting abstracted by the video while you are driving. Remember the consequences as well. Be safe and do not stream while you are driving.

CarPlay Youtube & Netflix: Can You Stream A Movie In Your Car?

The idea of CarPlay is to minimize distractions when you are driving, largely by means that you should not use your iPhone. You have access to your messages, you can also reply, you can choose music, and also find out the weather condition by using your voice. 

These things can be read to you as well. All this is done from the head unit or your car screen.

So, if you stream your favorite shows on Netflix while you are driving it will defeat the purpose of keeping you updated with all the notifications that you may receive while driving.

Having said that, CarPlay video is perhaps one of the finest ways to keep your family entertained on the go. Alright, so now we are about to tell you a couple of CarPlay hacks. But please be very cautious while you are driving. 

Entertainment is fun while you are driving or going for a long drive, but the safety of your own and fellow passengers comes first. Please note that these hacks will not function on any other phone besides the IPhone.

How To Watch Youtube On CarPlay?

One of the easy ways to use the channel is to upload third-party apps. There is an app called WheelPal app that’s made available by CarPlay. It is not available on the App Store.

WheelPal is made so well that it will allow you to install other apps that you can use with CarPlay. Post the installation on your iPhone or iPad and if it is linked to your video CarPlay system, you will be guided for a step-by-step setup.

You will need to choose the non-default CarPlay app that is compatible with the iOS version that you are using. This is the first step of installation. Now select YouTube and any other apps that you need. In case you don’t have YouTube on your phone you should be able to install it there as well.

Once the YouTube app is installed it will then show on your car display with other CarPlay apps.

The CarPlay app can be controlled with your voice, touchscreen, or from your steering wheel. If your phone has Siri then the good news is YouTube is compatible with Siri, this will help you to control the CarPlay app.

Isn’t this easy? Regrettably, there’s a catch…

You will need to jailbreak your phone to use WheelPal. Jailbreaking means you are trying to change or remove the limitations that your phone has by default.

It permits you to use unofficial software, hence the app is not available on the App store.

How To Watch Netflix Carplay

You can also watch Netflix if the WheelPal setup exists on your phone. You will be able to watch  movies by using Hexxa to get the Netflix repo. However, there is an alternative to Hexxa Plus that you should know.

The alternative is CaringBridge. CarBridge offers any iPhone with iOS 10.0 to iOS 13.5. In this case, as well you will have to jailbreak your phone and will need to tail the Hexxa Plus steps first. You will have to pay a monthly fee but that is worth it.

Firstly, install CarBridge. Afterward, you will be able to use your chosen app or any other third-party apps. You can select the Bridged Apps when you start CarBridge. In this, all the apps available that you wish to use.

If you select an app that you want to include, you will be asked to allow it. Later you can decide if you want to keep it as a landscape or portrait. Depending on the size of your CarPlay screen, you can choose to display the number of icons accordingly.


Again, the question is can CarPlay play video on the go? The answer is Yes! Long wait, still traffic, jams will not be as dull as it used to be when you are playing videos on your trips with the family are far more entertaining with CarPlay. You can allow your music app, direction guide, and also the audio-books with these explanations. 

Jailbreak apps will sometimes run better than the real ones in some cases. While it is fun to watch videos on Carplay, always be cautious about your safety and fellow passengers first. If you are looking for a video box to operate your CarPlay, then check out MMB Box 3.0, which is available for $289.99.

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