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How to Enable Wireless Apple CarPlay in 2023

by Mike
Published: Last Updated on 5 minutes read

What Is Wireless CarPlay?

BMW Was The First Car Manufacturer To Implement Wireless CarPlay Support, And Volkswagen Is Also Working On Wireless CarPlay Solutions And Has Debuted The Feature In Europe.

Mercedes-Benz Added Wireless CarPlay Support To Its MBUX Infotainment System, Which Debuted In 2019 A-Class Models, And Mitsubishi Started Supporting Wireless CarPlay In 2022 Models.

Ford Is Adding Wireless CarPlay Capabilities To Some Of Its 2020 Vehicles With The SYNC 4 Infotainment System, Such As The 2021 F-150, And Fiat Chrysler’s New Uconnect 5 Platform Supports Wireless CarPlay Connectivity. GM Is Also Adding Wireless CarPlay In Select 2021 Vehicles, And Hyundai And Honda Are Adopting CarPlay In The 2021 Accord And Santa Fe. More And More Car Manufacturers Are Adopting Wireless CarPlay, And In The Future, It May Be More Common Than The Wired Version.

Why Do You Need Wireless Carplay?

Since IOS 9, Apple Has Supported Wireless CarPlay Implementations. Nearly All CarPlay Setups Require An IPhone To Be Plugged In Directly To The In-Dash System To Connect, But Wireless CarPlay Alleviates The Need For A Lightning Cable, Allowing An IPhone To Connect To An In-Car System Wirelessly.

Wireless Apple CarPlay Is A Highly Desired Feature In Vehicles And If You Are Lucky Enough To Have A Wireless CarPlay Enabled System In Your Vehicle, Or You Have Recently Purchased A Wireless CarPlay Dongle Let Us Tell You How To Enable It.

How To Enable Wireless CarPlay On Your IOS Device

1. Enter The Settings App.

2. Select ‘General’ Settings.

3. Select ‘CarPlay’ Settings.

4. From The CarPlay Settings Screen, If You Have Bluetooth Switched Off, You’ll Be Prompted To Turn It On, To ‘Enable Wireless CarPlay’.

5. With Your In-Car Stereo Wireless CarPlay Active/Enabled, Press And Hold The Voice Button On Your Steering Wheel Or Select The Option In Your Stereo’s Menu To Begin The Wireless Pairing Process Between Your Device And The Stereo System.

What Wireless Apple CarPlay Systems Are There?

There Are Many Wireless CarPlay Systems Available Now. It Has Taken A Few Years For The Technology To Settle And Become Readily Available, But You Now Have A Few Options Open To You When Looking For Getting Wireless CarPlay In Your Vehicle.

Option 1: Buy A New Vehicle With Wireless Apple CarPlay Option Installed, However It Will Be The Most Expensive Choice.

Option 2: Upgrade Your Existing Car System With A Newer OEM Receiver That Features Wireless CarPlay. This Usually Involves Buying A Newer System Second-Hand Off EBay And Having It Professionally Fitted And Mapped To Your Older Vehicle.

Option 3: Upgrade Your Existing Car System With An Aftermarket Receiver With Wireless CarPlay Support. This Involves Selecting The Right Receiver For Your Vehicle, Then Having It Fitted Either By A Professional Installer (Recommended) Or Fitting It Yourself Using A Number Of Tutorials Online.

A Professional Installer Will Select The Right Components To Install The New CarPlay Receiver In Your Vehicle And Save You The Headache Of Compatibility Of Components Needed, And Reduce The Many Install Issues That Can Arise If You Have Not Properly Configured Or Setup The Receiver Correctly.

Option 4: Buy A Wireless CarPlay Dongle For Your Existing Wired Apple CarPlay System.

If You Have A Wired CarPlay System Or Receiver Already Installed In Your Car, You Don’t Have To Replace It Entirely, You Can Just Buy A Simple USB Wireless Dongle And Transform Your CarPlay Head Unit Into A Wireless One.

Option 5:

If You Don’t Have CarPlay Already In Your Car, You Can Buy The All-In-One CarPlay Solution – Wireless Apple CarPlay Dashboard Console 2.0

This Portable Wireless CarPlay Does Not Require High-Cost Professional Installation And Can Fit In Any Car. If You Do Not Have A Fancy New Stereo With CarPlay Or You Have An Old Car, This Is The Easiest Way To Get Apple CarPlay In Your Car. This Apple CarPlay Dashboard Console Is A Standalone Display That You Fix To Your Car Dashboard Or Windscreen. You Can Connect Your Phone With This CarPlay Console Easily Via Bluetooth Or Wi-Fi.

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