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How To Turn Off Carplay| Step-by-step guide with pictures

by Mike
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How To Turn Off Carplay| Step-by-step guide with pictures

How To Turn Off Carplay

CarPlay is one of the most useful systems installed in your vehicle that allows you to connect your phone and play music, receive calls, send texts, and so on. However, despite the infotainment coming in handy all the time, there might be a time when you want to turn it off. 

If you are someone who is new to CarPlay and not sure how to turn it off correctly, then this is the perfect guide for you. Follow these steps to make your experience pleasant with CarPlay on as well as off.

How To Turn Off CarPlay

There are two different ways to turn off CarPlay. Settings and Restrictions – you can choose either of them as you like. Settings will allow you to disable your iPhone from a single vehicle while Restrictions will allow you to disconnect from any vehicle. 

#1 Turn Off Using Settings

Simply use your iPhone and go to the settings application. You can do the same on the CarPlay’s display as well. Now you can scroll down and find the “General” option that will show you the “CarPlay” option.

Once you tap on the “CarPlay” option, it will show you all the vehicles that have been connected via your iPhone. You can easily tap on the vehicle’s name and hit the “forget this car” option. Depending on your phone, it might ask you to confirm one more time, simply click “forget” and you are done!

However, keep in mind that whenever you click on forget it is going to forget only one vehicle at a time and if there are different vehicles connected then you need to do these steps all over again to disconnect other vehicles. 

#2 Turn Off Using Restrictions

To use the second method you need to once again open the settings application and scroll down to a section that says screen time. Once you open the screen time menu you will see there is another option that says content and privacy restrictions. 

After clicking on content and privacy restrictions you can select allow apps option. If you click once and the allowed apps option doesn’t show up then you can simply click on the toggle button that will show you the menu. 

Now you can simply scroll down the allowed apps menu that will show you the CarPlay option. From here you can simply disable this option that will turn into gray color and once it has been disabled you won’t be able to connect your iPhone with any vehicle. 

You can click on the same button again if you want to activate the car I play option and once again connect your iPhone to the system.

Benefits Of Using CarPlay 

There are various benefits of using CarPlay including making calls, returning missed calls, listening to voicemails, reply to text by using voice commands and also play music or change the track. For all these tasks, you just need to use Siri.

#1 Helps You To Navigate

One of the most used features besides playing music is navigation. If you are someone who depends on GPS to reach different locations then this particular system is going to come very handy. It will not only show you the maps virtually on a bigger screen but it will also give you voice commands when required.

#2 Voice Commands

If you want to send a quick message to someone while you are driving you don’t have to stop your vehicle or take my eyes off the road as you can simply send voice commands using siri. This hands-free operation makes the system more popular. You can also make calls and Siri to read messages for you. 

#3 Entertainment

You easily access your Apple Music subscription or even use other audio apps. You can search by genre, album, artist or music track. Aside from that you can also stream over 100,000 live radio stations. Siri is going to be your personal DJ, who will help you to play everything with ease.


In conclusion, learning how to turn off your CarPlay is one of the most essential things. There might be times when you want to disconnect your phone for various reasons. Maybe you are traveling with some relatives and you don’t want Siri to read your personal messages.

Sometimes the system also uses your iPhone setting to operate but if you want the vehicle to use its own internal features then it is advisable to disconnect the CarPlay. 

Moreover, if You feel like the system is distracting you rather than entertaining you by being useful, then at that time, it is highly recommended that you should definitely disconnect and focus on your driving. 

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