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What Apps Work With Carplay

by Mike
Published: Last Updated on 8 minutes read

By now, we know that there are various apps that can be used on CarPlay like voice calls and messaging services. There are third-party apps also available like parking and food ordering apps.

The apps created by car manufacturers are supported so that it gives you the flexibility to control more features without leaving CarPlay. To have a personalized experience you can arrange your apps so that it appears exactly as you want them to appear in CarPlay. 

The developers may have access to other tools and templates that help them to give you a smarter and safer way to use the iPhone while on the go. Let’s know more about the apps that go well with the Carplay

List Of Apps That Works With CarPlay 

#1 Podcast

A podcast is the audio representation of a specific topic or theme. They are available to download on a computer or mobile device. Audio files can be received automatically once you subscribe.

#2 Plugshare

Plug share is a tool that is community-based and helps users of Electronic vehicles to find the charging location. They can also share their reviews with other plug-in vehicle owners. The drivers add more locations regularly to make the app more inclusive, influential, and precise.

#3 WhatsApp

Whatsapp is an app used for free messaging. You can do the chatting. Do a voice call or a video call. Exchange files, send images, and can do many other tasks, be it sharing information or chatting with friends. Whatsapp is available for Android and iPhone as well.

#4 Line

The line is similar to the Whatsapp messaging app. Line app has more features like a virtual sticker and animated emoji that are more like a cartoon. This is a well-known app in Japan.

#5 Spotify

Spotify is used to stream music digitally. Upon registering you get immediate access to loads of songs, and videos of your favorite artist. There are podcasts available and you can listen to the content that you choose.

#6 TuneIn

TuneIn is like a radio app. It’s an Audio app on which you can listen to the news, know about sports, and Podcasts. You can listen to the radio across the world.

#7 Stitcher

Stitcher is mainly used for Podcasts. You can listen to your favorite podcast on any topic of your choice. Podcasts available related to politics, sports, comedy, and many more.

#8 Overcast

Overcast is another app that you can use to listen to podcasts. This app has many modern features with a modest and in-built interface. Smart speed is a time saver without any distortion in the audio or sound.

#9 Audiobooks

As the name suggests, Audiobooks allow you to download and listen to various books available online. It’s a book library. You will get access to thousands of books once you subscribe to this site.

#10 Audible

Audible was started by Amazon and is a paid subscription service. You can buy and download audiobooks and magazines of your choice. This also includes radio and TV programs.

#11 VOX

VOX app is more about journalism. Vox is well known for its idea of descriptive journalism.

#12 NPR One

National Public Radio is a form of public radio made personal. You can hear local stories and podcasts.

#13 Downcast

This is another podcasting app with bigger and more good features. There is a huge amount of user control to handle your podcast library

#14 Amazon

Amazon is a shopping store that makes online purchases. It gives you access to numerous products available online. You can shop for clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and all your necessities that are required daily or occasionally. You can shop for your home as well as for the office. A shopping store that is very economical and fits the budget

#15 YouTube Music

As the name suggests it’s all about music. You can easily find the music that you wish to listen to. Make your own playlist. Get recommendations based on your search. Download the song from YouTube and play it later or just listen on the go.

#16 MLB

For all baseball fans, this app is very important on game day. This app will keep you updated with all the latest information on scheduled games and articles related to specific teams.


So when you want to keep yourself entertained while on the go keep these CarPlay apps handy. They not only keep you updated with the latest information but also keep you entertained while you listen to your favorite app when you are driving to the office or just going on a long drive with fellow passengers.

Firstly, install CarBridge. Afterward, you will be able to use your chosen app or any other third-party apps. You can select the Bridged Apps when you start CarBridge. In this, all the apps available that you wish to use.

If you select an app that you want to include, you will be asked to allow it. Later you can decide if you want to keep it as a landscape or portrait. Depending on the size of your CarPlay screen, you can choose to display the number of icons accordingly.

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