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How To Make Apple CarPlay Wireless in 2023

by Mike
Published: Last Updated on 5 minutes read

Several cars are shifting their focus to Wireless CarPlay Solutions. Cars such as BMW implemented the Wireless CarPlay Support. Another car Volkswagen has started this feature in Europe. They are working on CarPlay solutions as well. 

Cars such as Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Hyundai, and Honda are accepting wireless CarPlay. Maybe sometime in the future, this will become more acceptable than the wired form soon.

Why is there a need for Wireless Carplay?

Almost all CarPlay setup needs an iPhone. The iPhone has to be connected to the In-Dash system to connect. Apple iPhone with IOS 9, supports wireless Carplay applications. Since it has Wireless CarPlay it removes the requirement for Lightning Cable, hence it allows iPhone To Connect to the In-Car System Wirelessly.

The most wanted feature in vehicles nowadays is the wireless CarPlay. You have to be fortunate enough to have this system enabled in your car. If you have the wireless CarPlay in your car or if you have acquired the Wireless CarPlay Dongle then we will tell you how to allow it. 

How to activate CarPlay. Follow these simple steps

  1. Go to setting app
  2. Select General Settings
  3. Choose Carplay Settings
  4. The setting screen will prompt you to switch on Bluetooth to allow wireless CarPlay. 
  5. When your wireless CarPlay is enabled you will need to keep the voice button pressed either on the steering wheel or you can choose from the stereo menu to start the pairing.

Obtainability of Wireless Apple Carplay

Nowadays there are various wireless CarPlay systems available. Though the era is technology based this particular system has taken a while to settle and to be readily obtainable. However, there are a couple of options to choose from when being paid for wireless CarPlay for your vehicle.

Option 1

You can opt for the system that is already installed in the vehicle. You avoid doing the installation. You do not worry about compatibility. However, this option is an expensive one and may cause a dent in your pocket.

Option 2

You can also elevate your present Car. That means you will need to buy a new system and get it fit by the professional and map your old vehicle. This comes with its advantages and disadvantages. 

If this option is feasible for you then you better have good knowledge to select the best CarPlay. Because this may come across as a cheaper option but then you need to have deeper know-how of the system.

Option 3

Your existing car needs upgrading with an aftermarket receiver. It is very important to select the right receiver for your car. Either you can get this fitted by a professional or you can learn by doing it yourself. For the latter option, you will have to see and learn from tutorials that are available online.

If you get this done by a professional, they will select the exact components that are required for installation. Like this, you will save time and energy to find the right components and also avoid issues when you do the self-installation. Or doubt your purchase of the right receiver.

Option 4

You can opt to buy the Wireless Carplay Dongle for your existing wired CarPlay system. If the above-mentioned wired CarPlay system or receiver is already in your vehicle then you need not have to replace the whole system. You have simply used the USB wireless dongle. 

This way you can alter your CarPlay head into wireless. There is no fitting required here. It’s just plug-and-play. A very pocket-friendly way to obtain the wireless CarPlay. You need to check thoroughly as some cars may not support the CarPlay Dongle.

Option 5

The All in one Carplay is also available. This solution is called Wireless Console 2.0. It’s a portable wireless CarPlay. It can easily adapt to any car without any professional installation. This is one of the easy and quickest options if you do not own a new stereo CarPlay.

Since this console is standalone 

You can easily install it on your vehicle’s dashboard or even on the windscreen. This console can get connected through Bluetooth or Wifi. This is the cheapest option. So far there is no negative feedback given by the users.


If you plan to shift to Wireless Apple CarPlay look for the best option available. As more and more cars are looking to add Wireless CarPlay. Wireless Carplay is very much desired and wanted by most car owners.

As we move ahead in time, we will have several options to select from. You will be able to select from carmakers or you can source it from other markets as well. Choose wisely that gives you more friendly features.

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